Whereas Siegfried s marriage was happy, Gunther was humiliating. In the Norwegian Thiðrekssaga, he was called Velent. Gunther ruled as the king of Burgundy with his two brothers, Gernot and Giselher. Siegmund did not like his son s plan to woo Kriemhild of Burgundy, but the old king was resigned to his son s desire. The Icelandic poet and historian, Snorri Sturluson, didn t mentioned Thiodrek/Dietrich in his Prose Edda at all. In the Volsunga saga, Atli had Hogni s heart cut out and Gunnar thrown into a snake pit (the same as in Thiðrekssaga), when they refused to disclose the location of the treasure. It was said that he flew all the way to Asgard. Unlike the Volsunga Saga, Siegfried was not in love with Brunhild, nor did he promise to marry the Amazonian queen. In a way, Thiðrek was like King Arthur, who was leader of the Round Table. They were the sons of a Lappish king and resided in Wolfdale, which is possibly south of Mirkwood. Any man, who loses the contest, would lose his life. Erka, however, died shortly after the battle, due to illness. In the Nibelungenlied, Witege was only mentioned as the slayer of Nuodung, a kinsman of Gotelind, the wife of Margrave Rudiger. As the second year draw to a close, Vadi set out a few days earlier so that he could arrive in time. Even though Rudiger was killed by one of the Nibelungs, Dietrich wanted to remain neutral, siding with neither the Huns nor the Burgundians. Dietrich reprimanded Hildebrand for fighting against the Burgundians, since he did not want to fight his Burgundian friends. (Note that several people were named Thiðrek. During their stop in Pochlarn, Giselher married Rudiger s unnamed daughter.

To further humiliated Brunhild, Kriemhild told the other queen that it was Siegfried who conquered her in the contest and later, when Brunhild s lost her virginity. Since Rudiger had also escorted them to Hungary, it was his duty to protect the Burgundian kings. They should also volunteer for jobs like being as firefighter, highway trash collector, nurse that goes around and helps the elderly. Upon Siegfried s death, Giselher wanted his sister to stay in his own palace, rather than that she lived in the Netherlands with her father-in-law, Siegmund dating advice goths. Hagen opposed this marriage, since he knew that Kriemhild would gain powerful allies in Hungary. It was Bloedelin who provoked Dancwart (Hagen s brother) into battle, and lost his life dating advice goths. When Siegfried arrived in Worms, a city in Burgundy, Gunther won his friendship. Nuodung was only briefly mentioned in the Nibelungenlied, where Witege (Viðga) had killed him in battle. Velent had only stayed there for only 3 years as Mimir s apprentice, demonstrating great craftsmanship. Hildebrand had a hot-headed nephew, named Wolfhart, who was vassal to Dietrich. Wolfhart died, after killing Giselher, while Hildebrand had killed Volker. It was only after the war against the Saxons (a year later) that Kriemhild was introduced to Siegfried. Dietrich had no choice but to fight against Gunther and Hagen. Finally, the vessel came to the shore of Thiod in Jutland (Denmark), where it was found by King Nidung (Nídud). The quarrel climaxed with total humiliation for Brunhild. Nauðung fought bravely, killing many of Erminrek s warriors, causing Sikha to flee. (In the Thiðrekssaga, Atli allowed Thiðreks (Dietrich) execute his wife Grimhild (Gudrun or Kriemhild) for causing so many deaths. Hagen was also a kinsman (uncle) of Burgundian kings and Kriemhild.

The only way Gunther could marry her, if he could defeat Brunhild in a contest of strength. In the Norse legend, he was Viðga, son of Völund. Before dying in Hildebrand s arms, Wolfhart told his uncle not to mourn for he had die with great honour; not only had killed Giselher, but he was proud of the fact that he had died at the hand of a king (Giselher)..
. Giselher, because the young king was married to Rudiger s daughter. She seemed interested in being Siegfried s wife, and was disappointed when he did not come as her suitor. While in both and the Thidrekssaga, like the Nibelungenlied, she desired and plotted her brothers death, not that of Etzel/Attila. Brunhild had won Hagen to her side, who promised to murder Siegfried. Only Kriemhild knew of her husband s weakness. In the Thiðrekssaga, the same thing happened as in the Nibelungenlied, captured by Thidreks (Dietrich), but it was Giselher, who was the last to die. Dietrich appeared in a number of medieval German heroic poems, known collectively as Dietrichsage. This is happening at young ages: “The strongest risk factor for sexual intercourse is in grades 7th through 12th” (as qtd. She was still alive and married to Gunther, but the story now centred on Kriemhild and Hagen. Their death upset both Etzel and Dietrich. This Siegfried was a Moorish king who tried to woo Kudrun (not to be confuse with Gudrun in the Volsunga Saga), daughter of King Hetel of the Hegelings, from Denmark. Many teenagers pass away every year from doing drugs because they copy what their parents do like, for example a big one is going out to sell drugs. Hildebrand received knighthood at the age of 12, from his father. Such was the situation, when Gunther pressed his claim. .


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